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Thank you for your support! 

I couldn't have made it without all your encouragement, support and interest..Thank you all for giving me a chance and giving me some exposure and I hope I have blessed you as you have blessed me!

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Feedback for Sold Etsy items:

  • I liked this Kombucha Mother because it was beautiful! I had started out with a dehydrated mother and there was no comparison. It was white and alive looking. It was luscious. Also it didn't need to be hydrated for a month the other one did. It started producing delicious KT (Kombucha Tea) within two weeks. Also or produced a clone and now I have two mothers and two batches of tea fermenting. The KT that I flavored also produced mothers in each of the 3 quarts. It tastes GREAT! The only problem I find is what am I going to do with all these mothers and gallons of KT! But I have friends that will help me out! My Kombucha came very quickly in the mail it was well packaged in several bags in a sealed interior bag and it came with some starter tea.
The Bathing Kitty Towel looks just like the cat my friend has.  I want to give it as a gift to her.
-Luisa-Lynchburg, Va. 
I love the personalized Embroidered towel you gave me and hang it in my kitchen for all to see!
- Sandra (Nice as New) - Lynchburg, Va

My friend, Kimberly really liked the Personalized Embroidered Apple Towel I got her for Christmas. It's nice and country. - Sharon - Amherst, Va.

The Fall colors Rooster towels go so good with my decor I want 2 of them! - Irma-Lynchburg, Va.
I'm always looking for unique gift items in my shop at From Shabby to Chic.  I'd like to try out selling some of your items. -Stephanie- Forest, Va.

You've done such a good job with the special order personalized towels and you've sold some of your things too!
-Nita, Encore Thrift Store, Madison Heights, VA

The ladies really like the vibrant fall colors, and especially the rooster towels that we sell for you at Saunders Market. - Jeanie- Piney River, Va.

I love your towels. Send 2 to your mother and I'd like 4 for myself. Thank you so much for the "Mi Casa es Su Casa" Kitchen Towels.  - Helen- El Paso, Tx

Your things really help decorate things around here! I love your nice things!
-Patricia, What a Blessing Bakery, Amherst, VA

The Quilted Ball Ornaments are simply exquisite and unique! They will go perfect on my country themed Christmas tree in the Shop.  I sold one already and have an order for a baby theme! - Kelly (Kelly's Florist) - Nellysford, Va 

My sister really loved the Kitchen towel I got for her birthday.  She hangs it proudly in her Kitchen. Thank you so much! -Sylvia- Amherst, Va.
Thanks for bringing your items to our store.  They add a new dimension.--Amy, Bells
Treasures, Bedford, Va

An Etsy Customer-
I rec'd my very pretty purple and green "Pastel Passion" ornament yesterday.  I really like those two colors together.    THANK YOU ALSO for the nice soap..... I was honored to be your first customer!

From Laura's quilted ball ornaments
     I hope you don't mind that I am just emailing back my feedback to you.  We have and old and slow computer that still keeps running (knock on wood)  but the last time I tried to leave feedback ( I even had my husband help me)....it took 1 hour / 5 attempts/ and no success!
     Thank you again..... the ornament makes me think that Spring MIGHT finally be here!  I will keep you on a list of my FAVS......
    GOOD LUCK and success with your business
...............TARI from Hamilton,OH
Hi Laura!
     I LOVE my two new ornaments - the pale yellow with the pink rose and crystal AND the romantic pink and red!  ALSO.... THank You for the candle capper - that looks pretty interesting so I'll have to try it.!
     THANKS  for sending out the ornaments so quickly !                 TARI from Hamilton, OH

First Giveaway Winner: Hi Laura! Wow! I am so excited to have won the beautiful egg! I can't wait to receive it! I'll jot you an email with my address asap. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

Wow Laura - that was quick shipping!  Thanks so much!

 Hi Laura,
Thanks for the sweet comments. I won one of your towels in a giveaway.
I think of you when I use it...Lecia at Farmhouse Prims

From kitchen towels
A special THANK YOU to my valued customers and supporters!
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